Tidbits University Gallery

From the classroom to the nightlife, see what Tidbits University is all about!

  • nov_2010_printer1_copy
    Visiting a printer
  • p1020048_copy
    Printer workshop
  • img_3236
    Graduating class
  • p1020052_copy
    Hot off the press!
  • dscf1352
    Graduation Day!
  • p1020056_copy
    Graduating class
  • p1020444_copy
    Sam Gupta, Michigan Publisher
  • p1020463_copy
    Cathy Johnson and Bob Holley, Alabama Publisher
  • p1020309_copy
    Kimberly Bailey, California Publisher
  • p1010748_copy
    Graduating class
  • p1010688_copy
    Graduating class
  • dscf1354
    Taking in a ball game