Tidbits University


Tidbits Media. Inc. is committed to the success of its licensees. This commitment includes educating Publishers in all aspects of their business. Your first experience as a Tidbits Publisher will be an intensive training program at our Headquarters called Tidbits University. Conducted in a classroom setting, you will become thoroughly immersed in the substance of our confidential Operations Manual, which contains extensive guidelines for the successful launch of your business. Prepared exclusively for our new Tidbits Publishers, the manual will help provide a firm foundation for your business and help build it from the ground floor up. You will also receive specialized instructions in desktop publishing, advertising design, record keeping, salesmanship, community networking, and other essential components necessary to sustain your continued success. 

Moreover, personal one-on-one attention will be devoted to the particulars of your market. We will work with you to help evaluate local competition. We will recommend an advertising rate structure to make your Tidbits competitive and profitable. You will receive tips on how to optimize distribution points for your paper.  We will provide guidance on how to select a printer. The development of sales aids will be reviewed. You will receive detailed instruction about the use of research, an invaluable tool employed by successful marketers to secure business when others cannot.

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