National Network

You are not alone. That is one of the benefits of owning a local Publishing License of a national media company like Tidbits. Through more than twenty years’ worth of first-hand knowledge gained from the expertise (and sometimes costly mistakes) our licensees have experienced, our system has emerged as a proven method through which entrepreneurs may achieve success.  Sure, anyone can spend thousands to start their own business from scratch, but consider the facts: 

• Licensing offers reduced risk. Five years after start-up, 77 percent of independents, pioneering their own destinies with little to fall back on, fail, and close their doors. By contrast, 92 percent of branded operations that were started during the same period – flourish! 

• Sales through nationally branded operations grew at the astonishing rate of 110 percent during the 1990s. Over half of America’s GNP comes from this critical segment, which represents only five percent of all businesses. 

• Licensees enjoy incredible job satisfaction. Taking charge of your career and earning what you are really worth is rewarding. In a survey, 82 percent of branded businesses reported satisfaction with their businesses, making them the “most satisfied workers in America.”



When you become a Tidbits Publisher, you will be guaranteed a specific geographic area containing a community with a unique local identity, i.e., “Tidbits of Columbus.” Other Tidbits Publishers cannot distribute their papers in your territory. The geographic boundaries assigned to you apply only to the location of distribution outlets in which your edition of Tidbits may be placed. Best of all, there are zero constraints as to where you can sell advertising. Grow your paper as much as you want.