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INTERESTING TIDBIT: Aristotle stuttered.


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Owning a Tidbits® newspaper publishing operation is an opportunity to achieve your dreams. Similar to a newspaper franchise, Tidbits is a National Publishing opportunity without the franchise expense of royalties. 

You never pay a percentage of your gross revenue to the Corporate Office. While your customers have a cup of coffee you provide the news! Not depressing news but fun, light-hearted news! You work for yourself, work from home and thus you keep your overhead costs low. Financial independence, job security, and a high yield on investment are just a few of the benefits of becoming the owner of an exclusive Tidbits paper. 

Learn How Tidbits Can Benefit You.

Benefits of Publishing Tidbits


When you become a Tidbits Publisher you become part of a strong national brand and you become part of our family.


A low startup  investment will be primarily dependent upon the population of your market.


You deal with only that part of the paper that makes you money – ads.


 The editorial content of your weekly paper will arrive digitally via the Internet.

A National Network

You are not alone. That is one of the benefits of owning a local Publishing License of a national media company like Tidbits. Through more than twenty years’ worth of first-hand knowledge gained from the expertise (and sometimes costly mistakes) our licensees have experienced, our system has emerged as a proven method through which entrepreneurs may achieve success.

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